In 2017 all movies are moving to Friday evenings. Doors now open at 7pm and movies begin at 7.30pm. Depending on length, most nights we will show a short film before the feature. 

3 November

Embrace of the Serpent   Ciro Guerra | Colombia/Venezuela/Argentina | 2015 | M violence & content that may disturb | 2hr5min

This breathtaking festival favourite from South America delves deep into the mysteries of the Amazon. “A visually mesmerizing exploration of man, nature and the destructive powers of colonialism.” – Hollywood Reporter


1 December

Lost in Wonderland Zoe Mcintosh | New Zealand | 2009 | 52 min

A documentary about Rob Moodie, a man who turns up in court to defend himself on contempt charges calling himself Miss Alice and wearing the frock to prove it. We see that his fearlessness bespeaks a principled confidence about who he is, which is miraculous considering his difficult upbringing and the many different lines of work – farmer, mechanic, detective, trade unionist, barrister – to which he has successfully put his hand since. Professional associates and family members fill out this fascinating encounter with a one-of-a-kind self-made man.


Previously Screened:

3 February

Our Little Sister   Kore-eda Hirokazu | Japan | 2015 | PG | 2 hr8min

Three sisters in their 20s get to know their teenage half-sister in this charming family drama, beautifully accentuated with the flavours and sensations of its unmistakably Japanese setting. “Full of quiet joy and simple pleasures” – The Telegraph

3 March

Tangerines   Zaza Urushadze | Estonia/Georgia | 2013 | M violence & offensive language | 1hr27min

This poignant and slyly witty drama set in the war-torn, former Soviet Republic of Georgia was nominated for an Academy Award in 2015. “Magnificent… Remarkable piece of anti-war cinema.” – Wall Street Journal

7 April

About Elly   Asghar Farhadi | Iran/France | 2009 | PG violence & coarse language | 1hr59min

This gripping mystery from award-winning filmmaker Asghar Farhadi is set among a group of old friends on a holiday retreat. “Outstanding... Superbly acted, morally challenging, packed with legitimate suspense.” – The Observer


5 May

Marti: A passionate eye Shirley Horrocks | New Zealand | 2004 | 1hr13min

Arriving downunder from London in 1958, Marti Friedlander began photographing New Zealand, partly as a way of coming to terms with what she saw as its foreignness. In the process she captured aspects of Aotearoa that familiarity had made invisible to its inhabitants. 

9 June

On My Way   Emmanuelle Bercot | France | 2013 | M violence, sexual references & offensive language | 1hr56min

Catherine Deneuve stars as a former beauty queen who takes to the road in a moment of personal calamity and unexpectedly finds herself on a journey of self-discovery. “A ready-made crowd pleaser” – Screen Daily


7 July

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence   Roy Andersson | Sweden/Germany/Norway/France/Denmark | 2014 | M content may disturb | 1hr41min

In the final part of Roy Andersson’s deeply eccentric trilogy he muses on humanity’s inescapable absurdity. Golden Lion, Best Film, Venice Film Festival 2014. “It shines with a hyperreal beauty – and it made me laugh until I wept.” – Telegraph

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4 August

A Flickering Truth Pietra Brettkelly | New Zealand & Afganistan | 2015 | 1hr36min

One man’s journey to restore thousands of hours of film heritage in post-Taliban Afghanistan uncovers the very nearly forgotten history of his ravaged country. “A poetic tribute to a fragile cinema culture and its committed guardians” – Variety

1 Sept

Crossing Rachmaninoff Rebecca Tansley | New Zealand | 2015 | 1hr19min

A winning portrait of Italian-born Auckland concert pianist Flavio Villani, as he returns to Calabria for his concert debut, scaling one of the summits of the Romantic repertoire. “Emotionally compelling” – The Standard

6 October

Persepolis Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi | France/USA | 2007 | M offensive language | 1hr36min

Based on Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel about growing up during the Iranian Revolution, this animated feature is more richly populated, vigorous, succinct and shrewdly funny than many a flesh-and-blood drama. “Alive with humor and a fierce independence of spirit” – NY Times